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In the event that Minmin lives to join a band and become famous, and Kai and Sen elope to live together in some cozy loft overseas.

Minny's not available right now, but she says she dedicates this to everyone who still has closet-skeletons to throw out. (PENNY, rhythm guitarist of SWALLOWINGS)

Hey, lost boys on a paradise lined with blue
Do you know where my star has fallen?
Even if you are not here
I pray my words will reach you

In the world where you are, can you see me?
Or am I just a part of your past?

There used to be a blind child
Who wished to see colors
Orange, yellow, purplepinkandblue
She wished to meet the painter
That brought her dreams every night
So she sent her star to him
And she's still waiting

When I sent you to chase after my dream
Maybe I wanted you to find the lost boy
Lying amongst its ruins
So you could keep him company

At the time I didn't know that by doing so
I was giving you to him
I could never share my stars

Once there was a naive girl
Who sat by her windowsill
Staring at black, darkness and blank
She wished to see the stars
That her brother called 'delusions'
So she held onto them as he told her to
They carried him away

As long as you're laughing
And I don't make you cry
I'll try to put this all aside
And I'll smile for you

I hope the star you were chasing after
Turns around and cherishes you
One day it'll realize
How lucky it is

And my star
Keep it stored away in your heart
To pull out and hug on cloudy nights
Even if it grows dusty and lonely
It's yours now

There used to a naive child
Who closed her eyes to the world
She wished for colors, happy brothers and stars
The ones he told her to hold onto
So tonight she stands tall and faces the world

Once there was a lonely girl
She's a grown woman now
She can stand alone, fearless, reckless
And she's learning to let go

Good-bye, farewell, she says
And reaches her hands
To a sky filled with stars

Good-bye, and let's never forget
Those lost boys
And that little girl

For this sky full of stars,
Thank you.


Kai set the empty glass on the counter and began loosening his necktie when he heard Sen call him from the living room.

"I think you need to come and see this."

He furrowed his brows, concerned; whenever Sen saw something he needed to 'come and see' on television, it usually involved politics or environmental issues. This meant the subsequent conversations entailed much arguing and emotions spiraling out of control, which more often than not landed him a week sleeping on the couch.

Kai sighed, shoulders sagging, and relented anyways.

They'd learned, over the years, to pick up each other's pieces when all was said and done.

(The first month in their new apartment, Sen had fallen asleep with Kai's arms around him, so tight it was near suffocating, and he'd kept silent as he felt wetness bloom across the chest-area of his shirt, MinminMinminMinmin brother is sososorry, until he gathered the resolution to direct Kai back to his own room once nightfall came.)
Fanfic for yuumei's Knite. If you haven't seen it, GO.

Clarification: No, the last few lines do not necessarily mean Sen is some big hero and succeeded at clearing the skies from all the smog and industrial pollution. Remember, metaphors love you. Ultimately, all artistic pieces are somewhat open to interpretation.

The song was done ages ago. I just added the last piece now to make it seem fuller.

I like thinking of Penny as some hotheaded tomboy, but wtv, and SWALLOWINGS was a pathetic attempt at a pun. Sorry if it hurts the intellectual people out there.

Knites & characters belong to yuumei. This is FANFICTION.
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SProcksyeah Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
i love the poem!
Ever-Kitten Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
thank you! :D
SProcksyeah Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
PerpetualxDreams Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011
Very well written!

I feel kind of slow but does the poem imply that Minmin committed suicide or something? I feel stupid for asking but I can't think of any other reason as to why Kai would start crying and apologize to his sister. ._.
Ever-Kitten Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
haha, no, she's alive. Kai's apologizing for ditching her to run away with Sen and fulfill his selfish fantasies 8D and minmin's telling him it's ok as long as he believes it's the right choice.
PerpetualxDreams Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011
OH. I get it now, XD.

I approve of his "selfish fantasies," though. Hurr hurr. :iconicameplz:

At least Minmin says that it's alright.
Ever-Kitten Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011  Hobbyist Writer

Yes, of course.

((IF I WERE MINMIN I WOULD SAY IT'S ALRIGHT TOO. I'm sure Minmin understands us.))
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